Luoyang is home to thousands of restaurants. Every street in the city is lined with eateries selling hot pot, barbecue, Xinjiang, Sichuan, northern and Cantonese cuisines.

The best way to discover is to just go into any of the Luoyang restaurants you see. You will not find menus in English, but many establishments have pictures on the wall that you can point to.

It is noodles rather than rice that is the staple in Luoyang. Beef soup is a popular dish, and in fact Luoyang is famous for its Water Banquet, a feast of soups and side dishes that dates back to the days of the emperors.

Be sure to also check out Luoyang’s Bars & Cafes!


Christians Hotel ($$$)

Address in Chinese: 洛阳克丽司汀酒店, 河南省洛阳市西工区解放路56号

Address in English: 56 Jiefang Rd, Xigong District, Luoyang, Henan, China

Christian’s Hotel is supposedly the best buffet restaurant in Luoyang, however like other hotel buffets I found the food mediocre at best. The dishes on the buffet were warm or cold, however you can have additional meats cooked for you which arrive hot.

Unlimited drinks including wine.

Recommended dish: honeyed pork

Cost per person: ¥150

Peony Plaza Hotel ($$)

Address in Chinese: 京安牡丹城宾馆(北门), 河南省洛阳市涧西区南昌路2号

Address in English: No 2, Nanchang Road, Jianxi District, Luoyang, Henan, China

A Chinese buffet served in the revolving restaurant at the top of the Peony Plaza Hotel. Great for views of the city, but the food is mediocre and usually not hot.

The selection includes soups, Chinese style steak, seafood, noodles, cold chips, and a selection of Chinese dishes.

The desert counter is actually pretty good (plus a chocolate fountain) and the wine is unlimited so if you are a pudding fan, it is worth the trip.

Cost is ¥100 per person.

Barbecue Restaurants in Luoyang

There are bbq restaurants all over the city and on most streets. You can usually tell them by their outside seating. Staples include pork and lamb skewers, aubergine (eggplant), thin potato strips, grilled peppers and more. The seasoning will be pretty similar from all the restaurants with a mix of cumin, spicy and sweet.

Dumplings Restaurants in Luoyang

Furong Dumpling Restaurant ($)

Address in Chinese: 芙蓉饺子馆, 河南省洛阳市涧西区太原路378号

Address in English: 378 Taiyuan Rd, Jianxi District, Luoyang, Henan, China

A great little restaurant selling Luoyang specialty dumplings and other dishes (their cauliflower is the best in town).

The dumplings are made with a special flour unique to Luoyang and there is a large selection of fillings including pork and leak, egg and spring onion, prawn and more.

A meal for 2 with drinks will cost less than ¥100.

Recommended dishes: pork and leak dumplings & cauliflower

Fast Food Luoyang Restaurants

You can find fast food outlets such as Burger King, Dicos, KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut at any of the large shopping malls in Luoyang:

Quanshan Mall, Zhanlan Rd, Luolong District, Luoyang (泉舜购物, 河南省洛阳市洛龙区展览路)

Xinduhui Shopping Street, Jiefang Road, Xigong District, Luoyang (新都汇商业步行街, 河南省洛阳市西工区新都汇商业步行街)

Wanda, 168 Liaoning Rd, Jianxi District, Luoyang (洛阳万达广场, 河南省洛阳市涧西区辽宁路168号)

Wangfujing, Lichun Rd, Jianxi District, Luoyang (王府井购物中心, 河南省洛阳市涧西区丽春路)

Fusion (Chinese & Western Dishes)

Hugo’s French Restaurant ($$)

Address in Chinese: 友谊宾馆, 河南省洛阳市涧西区西苑路6号

Address in English: Top Floor, 6 Xiyuan Rd, Jianxi District, Luoyang, Henan, China

One of my favourite restaurants in Luoyang for both the views and the food. Although it is labelled as a French restaurant, the menu includes a mix of cuisines including Chinese, Italian and Mexican.

A meal for two with side orders and drinks costs around ¥200. There are many reasonably priced dishes on the menu that make it a great option for lunch as well as dinner.

Recommended dish: Italian Chicken

Koufu Ju (Jen Café) $$

Address in Chinese: 口福居, 河南省洛阳市涧西区延安路

Address in English: Yan’an Rd, Jianxi District, Luoyang, Henan, China

A nice restaurant set in a lovely courtyard with outside and indoor seating.

The food is very good and reasonably priced, but the service isn’t great. However, its worth putting up with this to enjoy a nice meal in pleasant surroundings.

The menu consists of Chinese and western fusion dishes including steaks, salad and seafood.

The lunch menu is much shorter than the dinner menu, so to avoid disappointment it’s best to go for an evening meal.

Directions: This restaurant is not so easy to find as it is tucked away behind a car park. You must go past the security gate on Yun’an Road and follow the left fence. Pass a kindergarten and then you will enter a footpath with a tunnel of foliage, which is the entrance to the restaurant.

Hot Pot

You can find upmarket hot pot restaurants like Heidi Lau at the big shopping malls such as Wangfujing on Nanchang Road in Jianxi District. Most streets have at least one hot pot restaurant, so take your pick!

Hot Pot Restaurant (formerly Iron Horse Tap House) ($$)

Address in Chinese:

Address in English:

Iron Horse used to be Luoyang’s premiere craft beer brewery and tap house, but recently turned into a hot pot restaurant. The good news is they still have some great beers on tap and a pool table upstairs.

Luoyang Korean Restaurants

Bafu Korean Restaurant ($$)

Address in Chinese: 八福韩国休闲餐厅, 泉舜购物, 河南省洛阳市洛龙区展览路

Address in English: 3rd Floor, Quanshan Mall, Zhanlan Rd, Luolong District, Luoyang

The menu consists of a variety of different flavours ranging from a Korean style hotpot, to a spicy style kimchi mix. There are also pork, chicken and beef dishes alongside healthier salads. If you are a seafood lover, they have a wide range of squid as well as Octopus!

Service is great and the manager speaks English.

Recommended dish: kimchi

Meal for two from ¥200

Luoyang Specialty Restaurants

Lao Luoyang/Old Luoyang Noodle Shop ($)

Address in Chinese: 河南省洛阳市涧西区太原路

Address in English: Taiyuan Rd, Jianxi District, Luoyang, Henan, China

One of my favourite Luoyang restaurants and THE place to go for traditional LY cuisine. It is the first place I take any guest who visits as it has a great selection of dishes representative of the area (including the famous Water Banquet) and the price is very reasonable.

Menu includes: soups, fried noodles, cumin lamb, sweet and sour pork in batter, local vegetables and more.

Old Luoyang is very popular with locals so can get crowded and noisy on weekends, but that shows that it is the real deal! There are tables in the main restaurant or you can book a private room.

A meal for two with drinks costs around between ¥100 to ¥150. The serving sizes are large so be aware when ordering multiple dishes, you may struggle to finish (you can ask for bags to take leftovers).

Recommended dishes: cumin lamb, beef soup, fried noodles


Pizza Hut ($$)

The ubiquitous Pizza Hut has restaurants across that city and at many of the shopping malls such as Wanda and Wangfujing. See Fast Food section above for a full list of locations.

Unlike pizza anywhere else, there is no tomato sauce on the base. The menu includes salads, steaks and pasta dishes.

The restaurants are clean and modern and the service is better than in many other western-style restaurants.

A meal for two with drinks costs around ¥200.

Recommended dish: salmon and asparagus pasta

Pizza & Western Food Restaurant $$

Address in Chinese: 六本铺(洛阳总舵), 丽春路珠江丽景6号14

Address in English: No. 141, No. 6, Pearl River Lijing, Lichun Road

The menu has quite a variety of western dishes such as: pizza, pork ribs, fried chicken and burgers.

The crust of the pizza is not too dry, nor too undercooked, but just perfect! The size in the pizza is quite standard size, the toppings are adequate, and the crust really had a good yeasty swing to it! Their speciality fried chicken is the best option by far and the small size is quite filling for a person, and might even be a little too much.

Recommended dish: fried chicken

Toscana $$

Toscana is an Italian pizza chain with three restaurants in Luoyang.

6th Floor, Zhengda Shopping Mall, New District

This is a great place due to the views across the lake and to the skyscrapers of the new district. The restaurant is large and open plan with booth style seating and very clean.

Service is ok, however when I went with three people my two friends had finished their pizzas before mine had arrived.

10” Pizza from ¥78 and 14” from ¥98.

The menu also includes salads, pasta and side dishes from ¥40.

Recommended dish: The artichoke and parma ham pizza

The wine list doesn’t have any wines on it and the selection of drinks is usually soft drinks and one or two types of beer.


The main place to find street-food in Luoyang is on at the Old Town in Laocheng. East Street, and more particularly West Street have myriad small restaurants and food stalls selling everything from noodles, soup and candy to bugs on sticks.

After sunset South street is lit up by red lanterns above and is always crowded with locals and tourists alike.

I will be constantly updating this list of Luoyang restaurants, so keep checking back for new additions!