Luoyang boats an incredible array of parks, gardens and green spaces, some where you least expect them!

Even the smallest parks usually include a lake and beautifully landscaped areas making them perfect for a walk or picnic.

The parks are generally free to enter unless it is a public holiday or they have a planned event such as the Peony Festival each April.

Don’t forget that most of the temples also include quiet, shaded areas perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.

Top Luoyang Parks and Gardens

Wangcheng Park

Wangcheng Park

Wangcheng Park is one of Luoyang’s most famous and popular recreation areas. There is an adjoining amusement park, and you can go boating on the river.

In April and May it is the best place to see peonies in the city, but is worth a visit any time of the year.

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Sui & Tang Dynasty Botanic Gardens

Sui Tang Park

Luoyang’s largest park, the Sui & Tang Dynasty Botanical Gardens make a great day out combined with the nearby Luoyang Museum.

There is a large boating lake where you can see thousands of lotus flowers and water lilies.

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Luopu Park

Luopu Park
Luopu Park

Luopu Park is one of the longest parks in the world and stretches along either side of the Luo River. Here you will be able to see egrets, cormorants and more.

You can choose to walk any section of the park which stretches west from the old town. If you go far enough it becomes more wild.

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Zhoushan Park

Zhou Shan Park

Zhoushan (Zhou Mountain) Park is something of a hidden gem. It is situated on large hill overlooking the city and has some excellent views.

There are many winding paths and its fun to lose yourself here and see where you end up.

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Xie Yuan Park

Luoyang Parks

A small park in Jianxi District behind the large hotel, Xie Yuan Park makes a pleasant escape from the busy city. There is a lake and an island that can be reached by bridge.

Xie Yuan is another great place to see peonies in bloom in April.

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National Flower Garden


The National Flower Garden of Luoyang houses the largest collection of peonies in the world.

The site includes a lake and pavilions, and a museum dedicated to stone inscriptions.

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National Parks and Scenic Areas Near Luoyang

There are many wonderful national parks located close to Luoyang. Some require nothing more than a short bus journey, but for the most impressive natural landscapes you will need to go by train and bus.

Yellow River Scenic Area

Yellow River Scenic Area

The Yellow River Scenic Area is located around 40km northwest of Luoyang. There is a large parkland area and hydro-electric damn.

To get the Yellow River take a bus from Jinyuan Bus Station. Journey time takes around one hour.

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Songshan Mountain


Song Mountain (Songshan) is located in Dengfeng County at the same site as the Shaolin Temple.

There are a few hiking trails that range in length and difficulty. One of the highlights is a small village clinging to the mountainside.

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Huashan Mountain


Huashan is one of China’s most sacred mountains. It is located approximately half way between Luoyang and Xi’an.

Huashan is most famous for the death-defying “plank walk”. Have you got the stomach for it?

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Xinhua Geopark

Xinhua Geopark

Xinhua Geopark is a large national park outside of Xi’an. The area comprises a series of ice caves, lake and mountain scenery.

You will first need to get to Xi’an and then either a bus or taxi to the park, but it is well worth the journey. Can be done as a long day-trip from Luoyang.

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Yuntaishan Geopark

Yuntaishan Geopak, Henan, China

Yuntaishan (Yuntai Mountain) is a little off the beaten path and requires at least two days, but is definitely worth the trip.

The park consists of Yuntai Mountain, an impressive temple, wild monkeys, deep gorges and waterfalls.

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