About Luoyang Old Town

Although small, Luoyang Old Town is a charming area of ancient city walls, shops, restaurants and arts and crafts. It is the perfect place for souvenirs and you can watch artists at work as you walk the cobbled streets and admire the ancient Chinese architecture.

Where is Luoyang Old Town

Luoyang’s old town is situation just off Zhenzhou Road in the Laocheng District of Luoyang in China’s Henan Province.

What is there to do and see at Luoyang Old Town

Lijing Gate & Drum Tower

The entrance to the old town is at Lijing Gate & Drum Tower, which is part of the 1,400 year old city walls. It’s possible to go up to the to the drum tower for ¥20, where there is a small museum and temple. A great place for views across the old rooftops.

Arts, Crafts & Souvenirs

Luoyang Old Town is undoubtably the best place to get souvenirs and excellent hand-crafted goods. You can watch the painters and engravers as they work with wooden plaques, Chinese fans, prints and more.

The souvenirs are inexpensive by world-standards. For a wooden plaque hand-engraved in front of you expect to pay ¥10 (£1.40). Painted fans cost the same as do scarves. If you wish to buy a large wall print then expect to pay from ¥100 ($14).

Street Food

The old town has plenty of stalls selling locally made food and drinks as well as restaurants and cafes. At night Laocheng Street is lined with stalls under bright red lanterns and you can try anything from ice cream to grilled scorpions.

New Old Town

If you continue following the street to the very end you will reach the “new old town”; a recruited ancient city that is a little kitschy but still quite pleasant. It is home to a large pagoda, lake and lots of bars, food stands and shops. Entry is free to foreigners bu you will need to show your passport to gain entry.


There are public toilets half way along the old street to the right. They are kept relatively clean, but are Chinese squat-style toilets.

How to get to Luoyang Old Town

The old town is just off Zhengzhou Road in Laocheng District. From Mudan Square take bus 9.

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