Discover Luoyang through a selection of wonderful museums documenting the city’s past.

Many of Luoyang’s best museums are free to enter.

Top Luoyang Museums

Luoyang Museum

Luoyang Museum

The modern looking Luoyang Museum is just a front for the thousands of years of Chinese history found within.

From a prehistoric skeleton to Ming vases, ancient weaponry and other artifacts, this is a must see for anyone with a keen interest in history and culture.

Ancient Art and Tomb Museum

Ancient Art Museum

Discover the grave of Emperor XuanWu beneath a burial mound at the Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum.

The site contains 25 mausoleums, ancient frescoes, burial objects and a beautiful gardens, close to Luoyang’s airport to the north of the city.

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Horse and Chariot Museum

Horse & Chariot Museum

Although small, the Horse and Chariot Museum is an interesting place to see the archaeological remains of long-buried horses and their chariots.

There is one room with displays and another with a large open excavation pit. Situated very close to other Luoyang attractions such as the Sui and Tang Dynasty Museum and Wangcheng Park.

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Folk Museum

Luoyang Woman

This small museum is housed within a series of old temple buildings close to Luoyang Old Town.

If you are lucky you will be able to witness a traditional Chinese puppet show which are held here during the summer months.

Sui and Tang Dynasty Museum

Sui Tang Museum

The Sui and Tang Museum is dedicated to Chinese Empress Wu Zu Tien. It has some great displays of the city’s past, a great documentary in a large on-site cinema, interactive displays and more.