Luoyang Museum of Eastern Zhou Horse & Chariot Pits

The museum of the Eastern Zhou Horse and Chariot Pits is a collection of unearthed historical relics dating from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770 to 256 BC).

The site consists of two main exhibitions comprising a museum with excavated bronze and pottery artifacts and the main excavation site where you can see royal chariots alongside the ancient skeletal remains of horses and dogs.

Although small, the museum offers an intriguing glimpse into China over 2,000 years ago. For lovers of history and archaeology it is a must see and worth the small ¥30 entrance fee.

The site is situated on what was once the Eastern Zhou imperial city square just off what is now Zhengzhou Road, roughly half way between Wangcheng Park and the old town.

The Museum

Horse & Chariot Museum
Pottery Finds at the Luoyang Horse & Chariot Museum

The museum hall is a little sparse compared to some of the other museums in Luoyang, however it provides a useful introduction to the ancient capital of Luoyang. All the information signs are in both Mandarin and English.

Exhibitions include pottery and ironware and you can see the following:

– Ceremonial Bowls

– Weapons

– Musical Instruments

– Jade Jewelry

The Excavation Pit

Luoyang Horse & Chariot Museum
Main Excavation Pit

The excavation pit is the highlight of the horse and chariot museum, and as you enter it stretches in front of you for 42 metres, making it one of the largest excavation sites in Luoyang. If you will be going on to Xi’an after Luoyang to visit the world-famous Terracotta Warriors, the horse and chariot makes a nice introduction to archaeology in the area.

The chariots and horses are aligned in two rows along the length of the pit, with the remains of dogs and other small artifacts nestled between.

The most important find is the Emperor’s chariot which was drawn by six horses, and is one of the world’s only examples of a 2,200-year-old Emperor’s carriage.

Entrance Fee to the Luoyang Horse and Chariot Museum

Adult Ticket ¥30 ($4.20)

Purchase your ticket from the small window at the bottom of the steps under the horse and chariot statue.

I have just visited in June 2020 and entrance was half price at ¥15. However, I expect it will revert to normal when China opens up to tourists again.

Opening Hours

08:30 to 18:30 Monday to Sunday


There are toilets on site, but squat only.

A small gift shop is located at the entrance to the excavation pit selling books and souvenirs.

How to get to the Horse & Chariot Museum

The Museum is located in a small park on the intersection of Zhengzhou Road and Renmin Dong (East) Road in Xiging District.

On Foot

The museum is 2km east of Wangcheng Park and 3km west of the old town on Zhengzhou road, so both are easily walkable.

By Bus

You can take buses 4, K5, 36, K40, 48, K50, 52, K56, 77, 81, 98 and 103 to Wangcheng Guangchang Stop and walk. The entrance is 200m north at the intersection of Zhengzhou Road and Renmin Dong (East) Road.

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