Food and Drink in Luoyang

Luoyang has no shortage of reatuarants, bars, cafes and street food options. The most famous dish from the city is the “water banquet”; a selection of 21 soups and side dishes. So, let’s dig righ in and discover the best of Luoyang food!

Northern China tends to prefer noodles as the staple rather than rice and there are many wonderful noodle dishes to be had for less than a couple of dollars!


Luoyang has thousands of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets. Check out Luoyan’s famous “Water Banquet”!

Bars & Cafes

Coffee and craft beer have become immensely popular in China over the last few years. Check out these top places!

Street Food

Like in many parts of Asia, “Street Food” is popular and you can pick up anything from sweet snacks to scorpions!

About Luoyang Food


China’s cuisine differs vastly from the peking duck and egg fried rice you know from home (although both are indeed staples in some areas).


The cuisine of northern China relies on noodles as a staple rather than rice, which is more popular in the south.


Carp is a very popular dish and one of Luoyang’s favourite foods. There are many restaurants dedicated to serving it in a variety of ways.


Dumplings are another firm favourite and Luoyang has some excellent restaurants serving both traditional and more modern variations.


The Water Banquet


The most famous dish in Luoyang however is the water banquet. This 24-course meal consists largely of soups, one followed by another (like flowing water).


The banquet also includes more solid side dishes of meats and vegetables.


Below are some of my favourite places to sample Lauoyang’s delicous food, but you can read more on the restaurants page.


Top Places for Luoyang Food


Old Luoyang


Old Luoyang have restaurants across the city, but my favourite is the one on Mudan Square. You can sample the water banquet here, but if soups are not your thing the cumin lamb, sweet and sour pork and various noodle dishes are all excellent. Better yet, it’s very inexpensive and you can enjoy a sumptious meal with drinks for under $10 per person.

Other Chinese Cuisines


Luoyang also has a selection of cuisines from around China such as Sichuan, Xinjiang (Muslim), Hot Pot and more.


Western and fast food in Luoyang.


Luoyang hasn’t escaped the rise of fast-food and western influenced restaurants and its possible to find the usual suspects across the city. Burger King, KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut are all well represented, usually in and around the large shopping malls and department stores.