Luoyang Attractions

Luoyang has plenty to keep visitors attracted, including UNESCO world heritage sites, museums, beautiful parks and gardens and much more. So, let’s discover all of the Luoyang attractions!

Luoyang is excellently situated to discover some of China’s stunning natural landscapes such as Yuntaishan Geopark, Huashan Mountain and more.

Historic Sites

Discover China’s ancient past at the UNESCO world heritagae site at Longmen Grottoes or wander around the quaint old city. One of the top Luoyang attractions!


Luoyang is home to some of the most famous temples in China including White Horse Temple where Buddhism first arrived in China.


Luoynag is home to many interesting museums, many free of charge. Discover forgotton tombs, ancient art, important relics and more!

Parks & Gardens

One of the most pleasant things about Luoyang is the number of beautiful parks and gardens dotted throughout the city.


Looking for things to do for you and the family? Discover some of Luoyang’s exciting entertainment options. 

Nearby Attractions

Want to escape the city? Luoyang is very close to some incredible national parks such as Yuntaishan Geopark and Huashan Mountain.

About Luoyang Attractions


As one of China’s most historic cities, Luoyang has more than its fair share of visitor attractions. From the ancient sites such as Longmen Grottoes and White Horse Temple, to more modern landmarks like Luoyang Museum, there is plenty to keep visitors to the city occupied.

It’s not just history that Luoyang is famous for and the city is blessed with a large number of parks, gardens and green spaces.

Head a little further afield to discover some of China’s top attractions such as the Shaolin Temple, Terracotta Army and Yuntaishan Geopark.

What are the top Luoyang Attractions?


There are some Luoyang attractions that just can’t be missed. Here are my top pics:

Longmen Grottoes


Thousands of statues of the Buddha carved into a moutnainside. The Longmen Grottoes are a must see!

White Horse Temple


The birthplace of Chinese Buddhism with additional Thai, Burmese and Indian temples.

Shaolin Temple


The home of the ancient Kung-Fu martial art, Shaolin Temple is situated in the beautiful Song Mountain National Park. An excellent day trip from Luoyang!

Luoyang Old Town


Luoyang’s small but charming old town is definitely one of the top tourist sites in the city and a great place to sample some street food.

Wangcheng Park


One of Luoyang’s most beautiful places, Wangcheng Park is especially impressive in April when China’s famed Peony flower comes into bloom

These are my top picks of the things to see and do in Luoyang, but there are plenty more attractions to keep people of all ages entertained!