About the Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum

The Luoyang Museum of Ancient Art and Tombs is a collection of 25 underground crypts, wall art and burial objects. The tombs date back to the Wei (386 – 534), Sui (581 – 618) and Tang (618 – 907) Dynasties.

What is there to see at the Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum

Ancient Art Museum

After entering the museum, you will enter a large hallway which contains a large map of the tombs, some ancient frescoes and a gift shop selling books (a small selection of English language books are available) and souvenirs.

Behind the first hall is a large pavilion with some interesting statues with animal heads on human bodies. There are also a series of gardens, pagodas, small pond and large burial mound containing the tomb of Emperor Xuanwu (483 – 515) of the Northern Wei Dynasty.

Tomb of Emperor Xuanwu

Xuanwu (483 – 515) was an Emperor of the Northern Wei Dynasty (499 – 515) that ruled China from Luoyang. Xuanwu was an ardent supporter of Buddhism and during his reign it became the dominant religion in China.

The tomb of Emperor Xuanwu is located at the bottom of a long passage beneath a large burial mound in the grounds of the museum and definitely worth investigating. Outside the tomb is a stone statue of the Emperor.

Animal Statues

Luoyang Ancient Art Museum
Luoyang Ancient Art Museum

On the courtyard before the entrance to the main hall and tombs there are 12 statues which are part human and part animal.

Underground Tombs

The largest section of the museum is the underground site with 25 burial chambers of past Emperors, nobles and peasants. The tombs are decorated with pottery and utensils left to help those in the next realm. These mausoleums represent over 3,000 years of Chinese history from the Xia Dynasty (2100 – 1600BC) up to the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279AD)!


Entry is free. Visitors must bring either their passport of a Chinese ID card.

Recorded guide in English: ¥20 ($2.80)

English speaking guide: ¥100 ($14)


There are toilets (non-western), a kiosk selling drinks and snacks and a bookshop at the site.

How to get to Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum

The museum and tombs are located next to Luoyang Beijiao Airport.

Take bus 27/K2, 83/K83 or 98/K98. Fare ¥1.50

A metred taxi from anywhere in Luoyang should not exceed ¥50 (£7).

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