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Welcome to, a website detailing all there is to know and do in this ancient Chinese city. Discover what to do, where to go, what events are on and much, much more.

Not only is the city rich in culture, hostoric sites and parks, it is also a great base for exploring some of China’s most famous landmarks including the Shaolin Temple, Huashan Mountain and the Terracotta Warriors in nearby Xi’an.

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Where is Luoyang?


The city is located in Henan Province, on the central plains of China, 50km south of the Yellow River.

It’s almost at the halfway point between Beijing in the north east and Chengdu in the south west.

Xi’an is 300km west of the city, and the provincial capital, Zhengzhou is about 100km directly to the east.

Luoyang Weather?


Luoyang has a sub-tropical climate with long hot and wet summers and dry cold, but relatively short winters. Average temperatures in summer are around 30c and in winter it doesn’t drop below 0c too often. Summer storms can bring a fair amount of rain, but it doesn’t take long to dry out again.

H: +20°
L: +10°
Luoyang (Henan)
Wednesday, 22 April
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Food and Drink in Luoyang


Luoyang has thousands of eateries from the street food of Laochung to Sichuan, Cantonese, Japanese and western fusion style establishments. The large shopping malls at Changshun, Wanda and Wangfujing are a great place to find restaurants (usually situated on the upper floors). Find out more!

A Short History of the City


Ancient City


Luoyang has been the site of human settlements since late Neolithic times.

It’s hard to think of more historic city in China than Luoyang. Not only is it considered the cradle of Chinese civilisation, but also the birthplace of Taosim, Chinese Buddhism and the beginning point of the ancient Silk Road.

The many museums and archaeological sites around Luoyang contain many interesting artefacts dating back 4,000 years and longer which gives a clear picture of the importance of the city.

Luoyang has been an important city since at least the 21st century BC when the Xia Dynasty established the capital here in 2070BC and the city has flourished ever since.

Buddhism Comes to China


In AD68 White Horse Temple was founded in Luoyang after emissaries of Eastern Han Emperor Ming returned bearing Buddhist scriptures. 75km east of Luoyang is the Shaolin Monastery at Denfeng which is where Chinese Kung Fu originated and remains an important Buddhist centre.

The Modern City


Modern Luoyang is a Prefecture level city (meaning it is not a metropolis like Beijing or Shanghai) with a population of around 6,000,000 in the wider area and 2,000,000 in the urban area.

The city has well and truly entered the 21st century and is home to world-class hotels, modern shopping malls, cinemas, fast food restaurants and all the trappings of modern life that you would find in the West.

Places to Stay


Looking for accommodation? There are plenty of hostels and hotels to suit all budgets and levels of comfort. Find out more.